Use Learning To Spark Transformation, Accelerate Achievement, Unleash Potential.  
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Our mission: Empowering businesses, growing communities, transforming lives.

What we do: Partner with you through learning and development 

How we do it: Needs assessments, instructional design, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, business process re-engineering, and more. 

To learn more about our values and our commitment to serve you, please refer to the companies Code of Conduct.
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Helping you tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow through learning and development
Is Petra Right For You

You may be asking whether you're a good prospect for Petra Learning LLC's services. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then Petra is right for you!

1) Does your company have individuals or departments tasked with risk management?

2) Are you looking for a systematic way to train new hires or experienced recruits in your internal audit, enterprise risk management, or internal control functions?

3) Is you organization or department undergoing a major change initiative?

4) Are you interested in improving the decision-making, problem-solving, conflict-resolution, or communication skills?

​5) Are you looking to develop or broaden knowledge of process improvement techniques within your risk functions and operations?

6) Would you like to add an on-the-job training component to your training program?

7) Are you unhappy with the return on investment received on your training investment?