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by Tiffany Crosby on 02/10/18

The top priority of a Christian business leader is soul care. Leaders need to "be" before they can truly "do" what God has called them to do within the marketplace. From Petra's official beginning in 2011, God has been working on who I am even more than what Petra does. The time I spend conversing with God is what qualifies me to lead in the marketplace. It's not title, or education, or experience that qualifies me to lead. Those things may qualify me to perform particular services -- you don't want just anyone coaching you or designing and leading training courses. But leadership is not about any of the things we "do". It's about the influence we wield. 

 I've spent the last year nurturing my relationship with God. This wasn't about solidifying my identity in Christ, I know who I am and whose I am. This was about soaking in God's word and spending extravagant amounts of time in listening mode. This was about stepping away from the work of the business for a period of time to just be. It was a Sabbath year for me. And it has been incredible. 

My sacred rhythm has become more and more defined as I spent 2-3 hours daily in devotion, worship, prayer, listening, and reading time. Monthly immersions, quarterly conferences, and an annual retreat rounded out my sacred calendar. 

Now, as I delve back into the work of Petra until my next Sabbath year, the challenge for me will be to maintain this sacred calendar regardless of the business opportunities that materialize. I owe it to myself, my family, my community, and all those I serve and lead. And I would challenge you to the same.  If you don't have a sacred calendar, develop one. If you do have one, stick to it. It doesn't need to look like mine -- but you do need it.   

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