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Under A Rest_Break Free To Success

by Tiffany Crosby on 04/08/17

When was the last time:
  • you ate a meal without checking the clock?
  • you spent a whole day enjoying a hobby?
  • you took a vacation and disconnected?
  • you had an unstructured, untimed conversation whose sole purpose was to get to know a person?
If you have to think a long time about those questions, it's been too long and it's hurting your performance. 

I'm not sure how or when but somehow in some way, the word rest has become a taboo word in our western society. We don't speak of it and certainly don't pursue it. Several years ago, I chose to break that pattern. I chose to adopt a lifestyle of rest and break the stereotypes associated with it. And here's what I learned; I am:
  • more productive in my vocation and in my home
  • more creative, more strategic, and a better problem-solver
  • more focused, less cluttered, and calmer
  • more stable financially and less tied to material things
  • a better wife, mother, sister, and friend
The journey to get here was difficult; not because of time or money commitment but because it required a new type of thinking and a breaking of bad habits. I had to adjust my definition of success. I had to let go of business associations and community leadership roles in order to simplify my life. 

It's a process I talk about in my book the Power of Rest, should you have more interest in the topic. But even if not, know that you have the ability to live life from a position of rest, if you're willing to pay the cost. 


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